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The Hirdaramani Management Trainee program is a 12-month program created to propel the future trendsetters of the industry from the very beginning. It combines diverse on-the-job training with a series of leadership, communication and skills development workshops aimed at producing well-rounded individuals as they begin their careers and discover their forte within a diversified establishment.

The program ensures personal attention for all trainees, a versatile introduction to the apparel industry and profound mentoring sessions with our experts both in the field and in the boardroom.

If you are an innovative, passionate team player who is eager and motivated, you are the perfect contender for the Hirdaramani Management Trainee program.


  • A passionate individual with determination, motivation and innovation who is capable of being a great team player
  • Applicants should be below 27 years of age
  • Graduate from a recognized University or have a partly or fully completed Professional Qualification

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indeewari 2014

Indeewari Dissanayake

MT program 2014/15

BA (Hons) in Business Administration, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology.

After completing my degree in Business Administration & Human Resources, I wanted to pursue a career in HR and I felt Hirdaramani would be an ideal place for me to start my career.

Participating in this program has given me incredible opportunities such as the ability to directly approach higher management including the directors, being encouraged to share ideas and obtain their feedback and advice. The company is prepared to venture into new frontiers giving us a chance to implement our ideas and assess them.

Hirdaramani is a great place to start your career, you have abundant exposure and plenty of opportunity to work with and learn from individuals at all levels within the company.



isuru kalupahana

Isuru Kalupahana

MT program 2014/15

B.Sc.(Hons) in Industrial Management/Computing & Information Systems, University of Wayamba

I applied to the Hirdaramani MT program because I desired to join an organization where I would initiate a good career path and have plenty of opportunities.

The Leadership Development program for MT's is unique compared to programs held in other organizations. The program gives us the opportunity to network with MT's from across the Group and working with such a wide selection of our peers gives us further motivation as we share ideas and experiences.

Hirdaramani is an unwavering establishment, and its diversified portfolio marks it as a great company to start your career as there are plenty of development opportunities. In the short time that I have been at Hirdaramani I have perceived continued transformation and new concepts being applied - the opportunity to be the leader of these types of changes would be incredible.

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