"Your Company, your Future" is the slogan that drives our HR approach. It embodies the management's recognition that employees are and have always been the force of innovation and success at Hirdaramani. It reflects the sense of ownership our employees have and their constant commitment to excellence in their particular job roles, making success a common goal.
Hirdaramani hosts second annual Netball Tournament to celebrate International Womens Day 2015
As part of the Group's continued effort to develop all aspects of their employees potential, the Talent Show pulled in leading personalities to train and run the show, with a grand finale attended by 4,500 employees & documentary being telecast of the event.
We pride ourselves on working in close partnership with each other - designers with merchandisers, management with staff, to offer our customers the value added service we are known to deliver.

As a part of our team, you can look forward to being part of the legacy of Hirdaramani, where for over a century, we have been as successful in our business as we are in the communities we work with.
At Hirdaramani we take our responsibilities towards our environment and our communities very seriously. Our actions go beyond mere compliance to focus on our role as good corporate citizens. Our commitment to ethical workplaces and practices means that our people are happy, healthy and fulfilled.
Hirdaramani Employees talk about what it means to be part of the Hirdaramani Family.
At the Hirdaramani Group, we are committed to creating a fair, safe and positive environment for all our employees. The campaign "Value Yourself. We Value You" was initiated with the aim of ensuring employees are educated and aware of their rights and of the systems in place to provide them assistance.
Launched as part of the CARE platform aimed at enabling development and career advancement for Hirdaramani Employees the Leadership Program is a comprehensive training program ...
Today we invest time, money, effort and support in order to generate carefully designed systems for career and talent management, equity, mobility and opportunity, which translates to happy and motivated staff tomorrow.