Made Today for Tomorrow.

At Hirdaramani, we believe doing the right thing makes good business sense. Here, sustainability is a way of life. A future-focused organisation, we're committed to doing the right thing today, for a better tomorrow. Everyday, we make a heartfelt promise to respect our precious planet, and inspire our people to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

As Hirdaramani becomes a greener, more people-oriented organisation, we'll share an increasingly positive future with our customers, employees and communities.


The Group’s sustainability strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is guided by a triple bottom line approach - People, Planet, Profit. Each of our group’s key sustainability targets are designed to align with one of the SDGs.


Committed to a
better world

At Hirdaramani we understand our responsibility towards protecting the planet for future generations. Over the years we have tried to manage the impact we have on the environment still, we know we can do better. And we will. We’ve created an ambitious sustainability strategy with an actionable framework to ensure that we continuously evaluate and improve on the impact we have on the planet.


  • Hirdaramani has achieved NetZero status for GHG Emission’s from energy across all its facilities in Sri Lanka
  • Partners of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and Make Fashion Circular Initiatives
  • Member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Pilot Testing HIGG 3.0 & involved In Social Labour Convergence Projects
  • 14 LEED Certified Buildings
  • Fair Trade USA Certified Facilities
  • Sustainable Products
  • Largest Rooftop Solar panel installations on Apparel facilities in Sri Lanka




Investing in happiness

The Hirdaramani Wellness Strategy is implemented under the ‘Wonders of Wellbeing’ (WoW) scheme, a comprehensive, engaging program focusing on five dimensions of wellbeing amongst its associates – Economic, Relational, Physiological, Mental and Environmental.

Overarching Goal: Towards Healthy, Wealthy, Happy & Meaningful Lives.

  • Healthy Workforce (Physiological status)
  • Wealthy Workforce (Economic status)
  • Happy Workforce (Psychological & psychosocial Status)
  • Productive Workforce (Bio energy, Work efficiency & Physiological status)
  • Loyal/well bonded Workforce (Psychosocial status)
  • Self-esteemed Workforce (Psychosocial status)
  • Green Workforce - bounded by environmental principles (Psycho-environmental status)


Investing in communities

Since inception, Hirdaramani has played a major role in providing community support. With programs ranging from developing and supporting local schools, hospitals and children’s homes to assistance during disaster relief efforts and rebuilding projects, the Group remains committed to supporting an array of community development schemes in its operating countries and industries.