For over 30 years, Hirdaramani Bangladesh (also known as Kenpark & Regency Garments) has been creating the future for apparel, delivering exceptional garments via a completely integrated value chain from in country design to sourcing, production and value added services. With 9 state of the art facilities, we lead the way as an ethical, sustainable and quality end to end solutions provider for leading global brands.




Fully equipped design and development center with a comprehensive sample room managed by experienced designers and development merchandisers with global industry exposure:

  • Comprehensive in house Sample Room
  • 3D Design Technology Enabling Sample Visualization
  • Global Research Resources and Exposure for the Design Teams


Hirdaramani Bangladesh has 6 state of the art LEED Certified manufacturing facilities, delivering over 3.8 million pieces per month to leading brands the world over:

  • Large and Flexible Production Capacity
  • Experts in Denim, Woven and Knit products
  • LEED & ISO 26000 Certified Facilities
  • Highly Compliant Facilities with RCS, GOTS, SMETA, SedEx, BCI and Multiple Other Certifications

Washing and Finishing

With 4 integrated washing and finishing plants, we deliver a wide range of high quality finishes to meet our customers' requirements.

This includes Laser finishes, Laser Pattern, Ozone Washes, Denim Tinting, Water Repellent Finishes, Aged Effects, Nano Spray Techniques, Leather Coating, Resign Finishes, Rip & Repair, Colour Spray, Tie & Washes, Enzyme Stone Washes, Enzyme Stone Bleach Washes, Colour & Chemical Spray, 3D Whiskers, Whiskers & Hand Scraping.

Value Added Services

From sourcing to printing, embroidery, heat transfers, laser cutting and more - we deliver integrated value added services providing a single vendor solution to our customers.

  • Sourcing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery



Jeans, Chinos, Adjustable Pants, Skirts, Cargos


Truckers, Fleece, Soft Shells


Performance, Lifestyle, Leggings, Joggers, Jackets, Hoodies, Polos, Men's Swim Shorts


Polyester - Crease Resistant, Wool/Wool Blends, Formal Cords


Trousers, Shorts, Pleated Skirts, Pinafores


We believe in doing the right things for all stakeholders no matter what the circumstances.

We have a positive attitude when facing challenges in creating value for our customers. We work responsibly and believe in operational excellence. We empower our employees to succeed while treating them with respect and dignity. We progress by remaining committed to continuous movement towards a sustainable future.


At Hirdaramani Bangladesh we are committed to growing as a sustainable manufacturer and focus on continuous innovation, adoption of technologies and remaining up to date with the changing face of sustainable apparel to achieve these goals:

  • All Manufacturing Facilities are LEED Certified
  • Continuous Focus on Reduction of - Energy, Waste, Emissions
  • LEAN Manufacturing Processes to Eliminate Waste
  • Adopting the Principles of Circularity into our Processes
  • Investing in Sustainable Washes and Processes
  • Adopting and Promoting Sustainable Materials
  • Ensuring Transparency and Traceability throughout our Processes


The success story of Hirdaramani Bangladesh remains with the 19,000 people who contribute to the organisation. Shared value systems, benefits, access to training and opportunities for economic value creation are part of the commitment we make to each individual on our team.

  • Fair and Equal Work place
  • Driving Financial and Economic Wellbeing
  • Investing in Education and Professional Development
  • Programs to Promote Good Health and Family Wellbeing
  • Free Clinics and Health Education


We have a strong local presence in Bangladesh and are committed to doing our part for the local community. We care about the local issues and provide support to address needs identified in the community:

  • Supporting the Spectra School of Autism
  • Supporting and Volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity Home
  • Supporting Local School Development Programs
  • Empowering Women through the Pathways for Promise and HER+ Projects
  • Engaging with communities with the "Marks & Starts" program