Hirdaramani recently held their annual graduation - Achievers 2017 - to recognize and reward employees who successfully completed their Learning and Development training under the CARE (Career Awareness Resources to Excel) initiative. CARE is aimed at developing Leadership, Technical and Behavioral skills of associates across the group.

The ceremony recognised the achievements across several training & development programs including the Leadership Development Program (LDP), which is focused on developing and strengthening the leadership skills of Junior Executives, Executive and Senior Executives; Emerging Leadership Development Program (ELDP), which is focused on developing and strengthening the leadership skills of Assistant Manager and Manager Levels within the organization; Knit HMD Certificate Distribution; Certified Internal Wellbeing Trainer, which is focused on strengthening the wellbeing; Internal trainer pool to drive WOW (Wonders of Wellbeing) initiative throughout the Group; and Certified Internal Trainer - Team Collaboration, which is focused on strengthening internal trainer pool within the organization, specializing in OBT trainers.

At the event, awards were presented to high performers who excelled in each of these programs. The 2017 event saw 164 Graduates and 9 Special Medal Holders in the organization. The graduation cum awards ceremony featured performances from various guest artists including VoicePrint and the El Latino Dance Academy. Hirdaramani continues to sustain its credentials as an organization that believes in driving Learning and Development in the areas of Leadership skills, Technical skills and other Behavioral skills that are needed for the personal and professional growth of its employees.

These Leadership & developmentprograms involve a mix of self-study, workshops, training, ongoing assessments and projects. They have become an integral part of the employees' day-to-day work, which has to be managed with the support of their respective managers/supervisors.

Chamindra Perera Dassanayake, Group Head of Human Resources - Hirdaramani said, "At Hirdaramani, we believe in inculcating the values of a knowledge organization. We create opportunities for all our associates to participate in a variety of learning & talent development programs which are customized to specific development needs. Our learning and talent development program includes a variety of learning methods to cater to every associate category. More importantly, we encourage associates at all levels to participate in this program because we believe leadership is important at all levels. Hirdaramani Achievers is all about celebrating our associates successful completion of their talent development & Wellbeing programs. We are proud of the Achievers 2017 graduates!"

Hirdaramani practices sustainable methodologies to strategically develop associates to enhance and expand their scope of potential to rise within the organization. Future leadership is identified and provided with specific learning and development opportunities to help them enhance their careers.

Ranil Pathirana, Director at Hirdaramani, added, "Hirdaramani Achievers is an eagerly anticipated event where we celebrate associates who have successfully completed learning and talent development programs. These programs follow a stringent selection process for participation. We also expect participants to provide us with their financial analyses and impact on business as part of the project to enhance their presentation skills. We invest in our associates to enhance their potential to develop within Hirdaramani. The Hirdaramani Achievers is an event to recognize their commitment towards learning and talent development programs.

The Hirdaramani Leadership Development Program was launched in 2012 as part of the CARE (Career Awareness Resources to Excel) platform, and aims to support the development and career advancement of employees throughout the group. The Leadership Development Program provides employees from all businesses units across the Hirdaramani Group, with the customised training they require, to become future leaders of the company. The program has shown significant results and has impacted the career paths of the majority of its graduates.